Thursday, July 7, 2011

How to be Truly Rich

By: Bo Sanchez
I’m Now In A Remote Island…
July is my birthday and wedding anniversary month.
So what am I doing now?
I’m in a faraway island, together with family and friends.
Picture me: I’m lying on a hammock, reading a fat book, sipping a tall glass of mango juice (complete with a tiny umbrella on top). While being fanned by a love slave in a bikini.
Who happens to be my gorgeous wife. (What were you thinking?)
Oh I love the sun, the food, the sand, the food, the sea, the food… And what else… Let me see… Uh, did I mention the food?
Actually, what make vacations fantastic are the people I take them with. Right now, I’m with the most phenomenal human beings in the world—my family and my friends.
I’m surrounded by love!
I have a confession to make. I skewed a little detail in the picture I gave you above.
It was my wife who was actually lying on the hammock, sipping mango juice with a little umbrella on top. And I was the love slave standing beside her, fanning. (But this secret is just between you and me. Shhhhhh.)
But You Need More Than Love
I wish I could tell you that you only need love to be happy.
But many times, you need a little money too.
Here’s the harsh reality: Taking a vacation with the people you love is expensive. There are plane fares (no matter how discounted they are). Resorts. Tours. And Food.
Yes, I’m spending a thick wad of cash to make this vacation possible.
But honestly, I’m happy spending. Why? I thank God that my little businesses and investments are doing so well, they’re churning out cash everyday. They’re like little printing machines that chug out many P1000 bills every hour, every day.
Believe me, I wasn’t in this financial position before.
Once upon a time, I couldn’t take vacations with my family. Goodness, I couldn’t take a vacation, period. Even if it was in the neighborhood park.
I was so poor, I didn’t even have enough money for a haircut. My hair got so long, people complained that it was unbecoming of a Preacher. They only kept quiet when I told them that Jesus, and all the heavyweights of the Bible, had long hair.
I was so poor, I didn’t even have bus money. So I walked everywhere. I comforted myself by saying that Jesus walked everywhere too.
How did I become financially blessed?
I want to teach you how.
Here’s the key: Do not to look for money. Look for wisdom.
Before I continue, let me tell you a story. This will reveal to you the mindset you need to create abundance in your life.
One morning, an Angel appears in front of you.
And the Angel says, “I’ll give you a gift. You have a choice.” The Angel hands over a scroll to you.
With trembling fingers, you open it. On the parchment, you read the following text…

Please Choose One Gift

Gift 1: Ten million pesos will appear on your lap right now.


Gift 2: You’ll learn how to earn money. On the first two years, you earn nothing. Zero. But on your third year of learning, you earn P100,000. After that, your profit increases by 20% every year.
Now tell me, what would you choose?
Believe me, it’s so tempting to choose Gift 1.
Because you can buy whatever you want.
P10M is so much more than P100,000.
But don’t be deceived.
Gift 1 is cold cash. Nothing else.
Gift 2 is wisdom, character growth, skill development, increased self-esteem, strong relationships, and yes, money too. (Let’s do the Math: If you chose Gift 2, thirty years later, you’ll be earning P23M a year. Not a bad choice, right?)
Gift 1 (P10M) can disappear in a few years. Not only that, but money without wisdom is toxic. It can kill people and break-up families.
Gift 2 will last your entire lifetime.
Always Choose Wisdom More Than Money
I’d like to personally invite you to join me for my How To Be Truly Rich Seminar on August 6. I’m positive it will change your financial life.
Why? Because through my Seminar, you’ll gain wisdom. Money is fleeting. Wisdom will stay with you forever.
Change your finances this 2011 by increasing your financial wisdom.
Join me on August 6.
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May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez
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