Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Want to become an entrepreneur?

Want to become an entrepreneur?

Here are questions you should ask yourself before taking the Nichole Torres

1. Are you ready for bigger challenges than corporate life can offer you? If you're bored at your current job and the prospects for promotion seam bleak, maybe it's time.You must evaluate your set point.

2. Do you have a need for greater balance in your life? Do you wish to integrate your life and your work in an entrepreneurial career?

3. Are you seeking authenticity in your life, are you aching to follow your passion? Examine your leisure activities - what you really love doing - and think about starting a business in that arena. Find way to turn your passion into your destiny.

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Your Archangel said...

This is awesome. Hmmmmm.. I think I found the man I am looking for. Another full blooded enterpreneur.

Please contact me at 09054208126 or 09234084917

Karl De Chavez
Business and Mindset Coach