Saturday, July 25, 2009

Using Small Math to Make Big Profits

By Trace Trajano

Unlike most people I love math. I am an engineer by training so I am used to "Big Math" know the kind of math that involves too many Greek symbols. However, in real estate investing all you need to know is small math - addition, multiplication and subtraction. This is the math that your third grade teacher wants you to master. If you can do third grade math or small math you can make BIG profits in real estate.

In my book, "Think Rich - Quick" - which you can order through this blog (, I revealed my formula for making the right offers on a property. This formula works in any market - whether the market is HOT or cold and it works in any country. No other formula for making offers works as universally and it uses "small math". It works whether you're trying to rehab a deal or you're trying to wholesale it.

Here's the formula:

MAO = CF x ARV - Repairs - Profit

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