Thursday, August 6, 2009

Invitation: Become a passive owner/investor of apartments

An invitation to me by Michael Kimble

In just a moment, you’ll see a video of my wife.

She will offer you an invitation to become an Owner/Investor of
commercial real estate. As you’ll see, NO experience is required…
because she will do ALL the work for you.

I’d like to introduce my wife… Linda Kimble. She has a very unique
opportunity for you to make money with commercial real estate AND
acquire knowledge and experience along the way, AND... she does
all the heavy lifting for you.

Linda is a commercial real estate investor. She invests in
commercial properties, primarily apartment complexes and
self-storage facilities within emerging markets of Texas.

Linda has over 20 years experience in commercial real estate.
She’s even a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) and a
CPM (Certified Property Manager) making her a recognized expert in
the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate.

Her strategy for investing in commercial real estate is pretty

Find properties that cash flow at purchase, yet still have multiple
opportunities to increase value during the ‘hold’ period. She
makes commercial properties available to private investors (you)
who want to diversify their active or retirement portfolios with
real estate and get all the benefits of ownership, without the

She oversees the management of the properties acquired, and then
usually, 4 to 6 years and later, sells the property… where the
Owners/Investors in the property (you) earn a HUGE profit.

Linda and her company, Anew Realty Group, LLC, have an established
program we call “Commercial Real Estate Investing Done For You.”

This program allows you, the private investor, to receive ALL the
benefits of multi-family/commercial investing and ownership… with
Linda and her team doing ALL the work for you!

One of the many benefits of investing in commercial real estate is
you get paid in SEVERAL ways!

Here’s how…

1. Starting in DAY ONE, you begin earning a monthly cash flow and
get paid quarterly.

2. If the property is refinanced, you are repaid a portion or ALL
of your initial investment… and you still maintain all of your
equity portion and share of the appreciation when the property is
sold! This means that if you own 10 percent of the property at the
beginning, you’ll still own 10% of the property and will continue
to be paid on that percentage of ownership (even after you are
re-paid your initial investment!).

3. When the property is sold (usually in about 5 years), you get
paid AGAIN… this time on your share of all the appreciation. This
is where there’s potential for HUGE returns!

Here are some of the benefits you receive when you invest in
properties via Linda’s “Commercial Investing Done For You Program”…

• You can use (by simply repositioning) your IRAs, Keoghs, 401Ks,
CDs, etc., to invest in these deals and receive much higher
returns. (Linda can assist you with transferring these funds.)

• You can invest a modest amount… and still get all the benefits of
owning a large commercial property.

• You receive large income tax benefits and savings because of
interest, expense, and depreciation deductions.

• Your investment is secured by the property, making it extremely

• All property management is handled and DONE FOR YOU.

• You can include these commercial properties in your own portfolio
(as you will be an Owner/Investor).

• You will receive a complete education in commercial real estate
investing by “looking over Linda’s shoulder”… as she will keep you
informed every step of the investing/ownership process.

So in a nutshell… as an owner/investor of commercial properties
(with Linda), you can potentially receive returns that are double,
triple or even quadruple the amount of traditional investments, on
your money that’s paid to you quarterly… you receive nice income
tax savings and benefits… when the property is refinanced, you can
receive all or a portion of your original investment back… then,
when the property is sold, you are paid AGAIN with your share of
the profits!

You can start by simply repositioning some of your investments that
are doing poorly right now. And keep in mind, EVERYTHING IS DONE

This is a very simple way for you to become a passive
owner/investor of COMMERCIAL real estate with Linda doing ALL the
work for you.

Also, as an investor in her deals, Linda will keep you informed
with the details of the deal every step of the way… giving you a
COMPREHENSIVE education in commercial investing!

Now, let’s talk about how Linda’s “Commercial Real Estate Investing
Done For You” Program works…

1. Anew Realty Group (Linda’s company) researches markets and
properties for you - searching for the best investment deals out

2. Linda identifies a property, negotiates the best possible price,
and puts it under contract.

3. She performs all the due diligence, inspections, financial
audits, etc., and verifies all the important details as well as
obtaining the financing for the property.

4. Linda’s company offers the property to you in an Offering
Memorandum and after you invest, you just sit back… cash your
quarterly cash flow checks… and watch your investment increase in

5. If the property is refinanced, a portion or all of your initial
investment will be returned to you… and you still maintain all of
your equity portion and share of the appreciation -- you still own
the same percentage of the property!!

6. Then when the property is sold, you are paid again on your share
of the profits!

7. Repeat!

It does NOT get any easier than this for you to be an
Owner/Investor of commercial real estate, and receive all the
benefits (including the education!).

For more information about Linda, her company, the opportunities
she offers… AND to get on her “VIP List”… go to the link below…

Once you are on her VIP List, she will notify you each time she has
a commercial deal available that you can invest in.

Also, when you sign-up to be on her list, she will send you her
informative presentation titled, “An Introduction To Building
Wealth With Apartment Investments.”

For more information and to see a brief video of Linda discussing
the benefits you receive as a “Commercial Real Estate Investor &
Owner,” go to the site below. (You’ll also see an example of how
much you can earn on one of these deals… it’s amazing!)

All the best,

Michael Kimble

P.S. Remember, with commercial investing/ownership, you get paid
in SEVERAL ways… (1) Starting in day one, you receive a very nice
monthly cash flow that’s paid to you quarterly; (2) If the
property is refinanced, you are repaid a portion or ALL of your
initial investment; (3) When the property is SOLD you are paid
again... this time your share of all of the profits!

(To see a detailed EXAMPLE of how much you can earn on one of these
deals… along with all the other benefits you receive… please visit
the link below.)

P.P.S. Linda already has an impressive group of private investors
lined up for her deals, and is only looking to accept a few more.
She’s currently accepting new private investors for her commercial
deals on a first-come, first-served basis.

To get on Linda’s “VIP List” with the opportunity to become an
investor and OWNER of commercial properties (with everything done
for you) please go to the site below to see additional information…

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